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Feb 4, 2013 4:30am PST
to decide that issue. >>> bill clinton will speak today at a funeral service of ed koch. he was a long time friend of the mayor that passed away on friday. it's not clear if hillary clinton will attend. koch advised hillary in 2000. mayor michael bloomberg will deliver the euology y. >>> kerry had lunch with former secretary of state a george, who is 92 and will introduce himself to state department employees. >>> the dow will open this week trading at a five year high. stocks rallied friday after an encouraging jobs report. good news on manufacturing sector. dow landed 149 points on friday. it was a big day. they had 14,000, and the nasdaq added 37 points on friday. >>> the lights are back on o, what caused last night's big power outage at the super bowl. plus the other reason to watch the game, which super bowl commercial scored big time and who let the dogs out. we have your puppy highlights, that and much more when we come back. [silence] [silence] [silence] for those dealing with the daily struggles of caring for a loved one, we hear you. that's why aarp created a community w
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am PST
traffic. >>> today is a big day for hillary clinton, her last day as secretary of state. she will have a meeting at the white house and say good-bye to her staff at the state department before departing. john kerry will be sworn in later this afternoon as a private ceremony at the state department. >>> today marks the 10th 10th anniversary the shuttle columbia disaster that killed 7 astronauts. it was gliding back to florida when it broke apart due to wing damage that occurred during launch. a remembrance is planned in florida. >>> at least 25 people are dead from explosion at the pemex headquarters at mexico statim company. more than a hundred were injured in the blast. rescuers worked to free people trapped under the rubble. officials say they don't snow what caused the blast but know it originated in the basement of a 52 story building. >>> the man behind manti te'o's fake girlfriend hoax says he did it because he was in love with the notre dame line backer. ronaiah tuiasosopo telling dr. phil he knew the hoax was cruel but he developed feelings for the notre dame football play
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2